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Bisexual Health Issues: An Overview

Cheryl Dobinson, Director of Community Programming, Planned Parenthood Toronto, Toronto

Based on emerging evidence regarding disparities experienced by bisexual people with regard to health
status, health risk behaviours and health service use, this presentation will share the “top ten” bisexual health issues outlined in the “Ten Things Bisexual People Should Discuss with Their Health Care Providers” document written by the presenter and Dr. Leah Steele for the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association in 2008. The area of mental health in particular will be highlighted, drawing from the findings of a pilot project conducted by researchers from the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health and Sherbourne Health Centre. This community based research project explored perceived determinants of mental health, experiences using mental health services, and suggestions for improving care through focus groups and semi-structured interviews with 55 bisexual people across Ontario. Results are suggestive of a broad-reaching impact of monosexism and biphobia on participants’ mental health. It is of critical importance for health care providers and researchers to be aware of the health issues that disproportionally affect bisexuals as well as the factors that influence bisexual people’s health in order to better understand and serve this often invisible

March 2010
March 2010
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