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Welcome to the Rainbow Health Ontario Store.

RHO is proud to offer a range of unique and colourful publications that can be purchased online.  These materials are designed to fill gaps in health promotion and clinical practice information regarding the health and wellbeing of LGBT communities in Canada.  All our brochures and manuals are evidence-based and have been reviewed by experts to ensure that they contain reliable and current information.  Topics include common LGTB health concerns, LGBT seniors, parenting issues, newcomer and immigrant resources, protocols for transgender care, pap testing, and much more.  We also sell posters, stickers and DVD’s. Some materials are already available in both English and French and RHO will continue to translate all our materials into both official languages.

Most of these materials can be used to educate professionals, patients or clients, students and the general public about LGBT health issues. Displaying LGBT brochures or posters is also a great way to send a message that your service is LGBT friendly.  

The RHO store operates on a cost-recovery basis so that there is enough money to reprint stock and cover shipping charges. Many of these materials can also be downloaded free from our Resource database.

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