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Stressors Experienced by Parents of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Collectivist Communities


Researcher bios and how their research backgrounds relate to this study

Since 2006, we’ve been conducting rigorous, cutting-edge, and award-winning research that studies how stigma, discrimination, violence, and trauma affect young people’s health. Our goal is to identify factors that foster youth resilience in spite of stigma.

Research conducted at SARAVYC has gained wide-spread, international attention. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve learned:

• GSAs save lives
• Award-winning SLEPHI method
• First Canadian Trans and Non-binary Youth Health Survey – 2014 and 2019
• Resources for families to support their queer teens in four East Asian languages

Purpose of this research project

Although research has provided some direction about what lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, Two Spirit, and other (LGBTQ/2S+) youth need from their parents to thrive, we have limited knowledge of the stressors and barriers parents face in supporting their youth and parents’ strategies for managing those stressors and barriers.

Our research will identify culturally specific knowledge to create new, culturally relevant family and youth interventions, to improve their health and reduce the health disparities sexual minority youth face. These interventions will seek to effectively reach youth and their parents in rural as well as in urban areas, among diverse cultural groups, in order to improve support, health knowledge, and motivation for healthy coping.

This study aims to understand your experiences of being a parent of a sexual or gender minority (SGM) youth including your reactions toward your child’s sexual orientation or gender identity; your relationship with your lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, Two Spirit, and other (LGBTQ/2S+) youth; the systemic influences on your reactions; and your suggestions about potential interventions that can help parents of SGM youth better support their children. Findings will help the researchers develop an intervention program for families to better support SGM youth and their parents.

How this research will help LGBT2SQ people and communities

Findings will help the researchers develop an intervention program for families to better support SGM youth and their parents.


1. Anyone currently living in Canada for at least one year (including born in Canada or internationally)
2. The parent of a youth who is:
⚬ Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, or pansexual
⚬ Age 15 to 25 (up to age 30 for South Asian parents)
⚬ Has lived in Canada for at least one year


Each participant gets an honorarium for participating in the study. Focus group participants get an up-to-30$ gift card to Amazon and interview participants receive a $20 gift card to Amazon.

Mitigation measures

To reduce potential defence, participants are advised that they do not have to participate in this study and the decision whether or not to will not affect current or future relations with the University of British Columbia. Participants are also informed that they can skip any question during the focus group or interview that makes them uncomfortable and that they can change their mind and quit the study at any time.

Promoting the Study

Our main methods of recruitment will be online advertising, community advertising, and snowball sampling of parents through youth. Online advertisement websites will include Facebook and Instagram. We will also partner with organizations that work in South Asian, East Asian and rural communities (e.g., libraries, new immigrant centres, and shops) to share the research opportunity.

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