RHO’s work on research advisory committees

RHO is currently sitting on advisory committees for the TransFormed Project and  the Due Justice for All project. We are also on the advisory committee for the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO)’s development of guidelines for working with LGBTQ populations.

The TransFormed Project

The goal of the TransFormed Project is to identify and respond to the needs of Two-Spirit, non-binary, trans, gender non-conforming and gender questioning people who live in or access services in the GTA intended to promote healthy relationships and prevent partner violence. The TransFormed team anticipates that active recruitment of online and written survey participants will take place from mid-August to mid-October 2018. For more information or to request a recruitment flyer, please contact Ilene Hyman (Researcher) or Tatiana Ferguson (Coordinator).

Due Justice for all

The Due Justice for All project is led by WomenatthecentrE, the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) and METRAC Action on Violence. As described on METRAC’s website, “Due Justice for All is a collaborative project that is taking an evidence-based approach to understanding survivors’ experiences, current scholarship, and international models of responding to sexual violence.” Read more about Due Justice for All.

Join RHO’s LGBT2SQ Health Researcher Contact Database

This database features profiles of LGBT2SQ health researchers in Canada who hold faculty positions in academic institutions or who work as research scientists. It was created to help LGBT2SQ health researchers share information about their work and connect with one another.

If you are a researcher working in the area of LGBT2SQ health, please get in touch with us to have your details included in this database.

Open LGBT2SQ health research listings

RHO lists third-party LGBT2SQ health research on this website and helps promote these studies once we’ve reviewed them according to our policies. If you have research to submit, please use our form below.

Research currently listed

Visit the research summaries page to see more details at a glance about these open studies.

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