Engage: Advancing Gay and Bisexual Men’s Sexual Health


Gay, bisexual, and queer-identified-men (including trans men and other men who have sex with men) aged 16+ who have received a recruitment voucher inviting them to participate in the study.


Engage is a 5-year Canadian collaboration between researchers and community-based organizations on HIV and sexual health among gay, bisexual, and queer men, including trans men and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM) in Canada. Its three primary aims are to provide research evidence to inform HIV and STBBI prevention initiatives for Canadian gbMSM, build capacity for a pan-Canadian network on HIV and sexual health research for gbMSM, and integrate community engagement into all stages of the project to enhance community-researcher collaboration and bidirectional knowledge exchange.

How will this research help LGBT people and communities?

Engage can be broken down into four main components: 1. A multi-site cross-sectional study in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal: The study aims to measure prevalent and recent infections of HIV and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) among gbMSM populations of these major Canadian cities. This will allow researchers to assess variations across regions and conduct detailed analyses linking prevention efforts to health outcomes. 2. Three novel and improved HIV prevention interventions: Based on the multisite study and working with community-based organizations, we will develop and conduct rigorous pilot evaluations of HIV prevention interventions. 3. Research capacity building initiatives: We aim to increase HIV- and sexual health-related research capacity for gbMSM in Canada by offering studentship and training opportunities to academic researchers and community investigators. 4. Community engagement: Each study city (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal) will have an actively involved community engagement committee whose function is to galvanize interest and participation in research among communities of gbMSM.


Participants are given a $50 cash honorarium for their initial study visit. They also have the option of putting some or all of this honorarium towards draw tickets ($10 each) to enter one or both of the draws that will be done on a regular basis for a $250 Best Buy gift card and a $2000 travel voucher. In addition, as participants pass on their recruitment vouchers to men in their networks, they will receive an additional $15 for each man that participates in the study (for up to 6 men). This honorarium can also be put towards draw tickets.

What mitigation measures are in place to reduce potential distress caused to participants as a result of being part of the research study?

When do you anticipate that this study's findings will be available?


Name: Engage Toronto Coordinator

Email: toronto@engage-men.ca

Website: http://www.engage-men.ca/toronto/


Dr. Trevor Hart (Nominated Principal Investigator)

Funded By

Canadian Institutes of Health Research, co-funded by the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network



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