Pre-Surgical Mental Health Readiness Assessments for Gender Confirming Surgeries: A Survey of Canadian Practices


Healthcare providers who conduct pre-surgical mental health assessments (write letters) for trans and gender diverse people who are seeking gender confirming/transition-related surgeries.


The aim of this survey study is to determine the practices and decision-making of pre-surgical assessors for gender confirming surgeries across Canada. There are flexible clinical guidelines available, set by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), however, the extent of flexibility in these guidelines necessarily indicates that individuals interpret and follow them in divergent ways. Pre-surgical requirements for gender confirming surgeries in Canada are changing rapidly, and it is important to gauge practitioner attitudes and practices as a starting point to inform practice.

How will this research help LGBT people and communities?

In various parts of Canada, the assessment process for gender confirming surgeries is unclear to community members (and to many health providers). There are different requirements depending on province. Furthermore, some interventions (e.g., mastectomy) are available without pre-surgical mental health assessment to people with cisgender experience and not people with trans experience. This survey is part of a larger research question designed to inform policy: how to provide high quality medical care to people of trans experience without being prejudicial.


Providers who complete the questionnaire and who provide their email address will be entered into a draw for an Amazon gift card (value = $100).

What mitigation measures are in place to reduce potential distress caused to participants as a result of being part of the research study?

No distress is anticipated as a result of participating in the survey. Anyone is welcome to contact the principal investigator at (204) 784-4048.

When do you anticipate that this study's findings will be available?



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