The Experiences of Transgender Men in Accessing Care in Gynecology Clinic Settings


All female to male transgender individuals living in Ontario will be eligible to complete this survey study. That is, for inclusion, an individual must have been born biologically female but currently identifying with or living full- or part-time as a male. This includes anyone who was assigned female at birth but identifies as a man, trans man, FTM, or transmasculine person.


Studies have shown that female-to-male transgender individuals, or “trans men”, who have not undergone surgery to remove the uterus and/or ovaries often avoid seeking gynecologic care in clinical settings. This may be due to 1) fear of stigma with identity disclosure, (2) structural barriers such as binary gendered language, restrooms, and medical forms, and (3) a lack of provider education and sensitivity.

This study is to gain a detailed understanding of the experiences of trans men and determine how the experiences of trans men accessing gynecologic care could be improved.

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How will this research help LGBT people and communities?

The transgender community is an understudied and vulnerable population in terms of access to quality health care. We hope to gain valuable information about trans men's experiences in Ontario health care settings, and to use this information as a way to facilitate improvement in access to and the quality of gynecologic care by trans men. The aim is that this will ultimately result in improved health care outcomes and satisfaction in this population.


There is no compensation provided for completing this survey.


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Dr. Mark Yudin

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