The lived experiences and perceptions of adolescents and young adults with transitioning parents


Individuals (of any gender) aged 15-30 with at least one transgender parent who has stayed together with their partner through transition. Please e-mail me for a PDF or JPG file of my approved recruitment flyer.


Adolescents and young adults with transgender parents can help us expand our understanding of queer parenting and queer families. Trans, bisexual, and non-binary parenting is missing from discussions on queer parenting. Many studies focus on gay or lesbian-identified parents, leaving out those who do not neatly fit into those categories. Nearly all the studies that discuss trans, bisexual, and non-binary parenting focus on the perspective of the parents, with little data from the perspective of the children. Studies on individuals with trans parents have difficulty teasing out effects of transition from effects of divorce, which is common when one parent transitions. This study attempts to take the divorce out of the equation by centering research on individuals with parents who stay together through transition, modeling not only the fluidity of gender, but also the fluidity of sexual orientation without the complication of a break-up. I am interested in participants’ constructions of their own experiences and the process through which they create these constructions. This includes perceptions of their parents, how those perceptions are shaped by broader ideologies of gender, sexuality, and family, and how their lives with trans parents shape their own identities and understandings of gender and sexuality. In addition, I examine the ways participants have encountered recently increased trans visibility in social and mass media, and how the use of each may have affected or been affected by their experiences.

How will this research help LGBT people and communities?

First, this research will help provide more information about how having a transitioning parent affects individuals' understandings of gender, sexuality, and relationships, especially when the transition happens during the time in our lives when we are still forming those understandings. Second, this research will help us to understand the processes of families who stay together through transition through the perspectives of their children. Third, this research will help us to discuss the effects increased visibility of trans people and issues in social and mass media on people with trans parents.


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Andrea D. Kelley, MA, MSW

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