TransFormed: Adressing Partner Violence from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and trans Perspectives


Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, Trans or Gender Non-conforming individuals 18 years and over who live in or access services in the Greater Toronto area


• To understand how partner violence is experienced from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, Trans, gender non-conforming and gender questioning perspectives in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), in a manner that meets safety, trauma-related, and confidentiality needs.
• To respond to the needs of Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, Trans, gender non-conforming and gender questioning community members through peer-led intervention approaches and capacity-building activities among Ontario health and multi-sector providers, thereby increasing access to effective and equitable health and social supports.

• To establish effective partnerships between Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, and Trans communities and multi-sector agencies that provide services, programs, training, and/or research to support the overall needs of the communities affected by partner violence.
• To conduct ethical, trauma-informed, community-based and mixed-method research in the GTA
• To create and disseminate tools designed by peers for Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, Trans, gender non-conforming and gender questioning community members to promote healthy relationships and support survivors of partner violence.
• To utilize research findings to develop and launch new trainings and a knowledge exchange symposium for service providers.
• To evaluate all project activities (e.g. partnerships, research, and knowledge exchange) for continuous quality improvement, impact and sustainability.

The TransFormed Project based at METRAC. METRAC is a non-profit community agency that works with individuals, communities and institutions to end gender-based violence. It received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada to conduct the TransFormed research and intervention project.

The project brings together Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans people and an Advisory Committee, comprised of researchers and multi-sector agencies, including Rainbow Health Ontario, to examine and address current issues, challenges, and barriers to health and social supports for community members affected by partner violence.

The project received Ethical Approval from the Community Research Ethics Board of Ontario.


How will this research help LGBT people and communities?

TransFormed is a research and intervention project. Finding will be used to develop information and resources for Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans community members as well as to develop and launch training programs for health and other service providers in the health gender-based violence sectors


Participants in the online survey are eligible to enter a draw to win a $100 prize

What mitigation measures are in place to reduce potential distress caused to participants as a result of being part of the research study?

The online survey includes a list of community resources should participants feel they are at risk of violence or require help.

When do you anticipate that this study's findings will be available?



Name: Ilene Hyman




Ilene Hyman (TransFormed Researcher)

Funded By

Public Health Agency of Canada



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