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If you are a researcher working in the area of LGBT2SQ health in Canada, we invite you to be listed in the RHO Researcher Database. To be included in the database you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You have completed your PhD
  2. The primary focus of your research is LGBT2SQ health
  3. You have a faculty position at an academic institution, or you are employed full time as a research scientist in Canada.
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McMaster UniversityI have completed several lectures, presentations, and articles on the topic of the history of homosexuality in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)Dr. Alex Abramovich has been addressing the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and 2-Spirit (LGBT2SQ) youth homelessness for over 10 years. He is an internationally recognized leader in the area of LGBT2SQ youth homelessness, and is one of a few Canadian researchers studying the phenomenon of queer and trans youth homelessness. Over the years, Alex has advocated continuously...

Beatriz Alvarado Llano
QueenAdaptation of Gay Poz Sex to latinoamerican HIV positive gay men; Adaptation of prevention strategies to Latino gay men; Social dynamics or risk among gay and trans populations;

Andrea Daley
York UniversityPrincipal Investigator. “Exploring and enhancing access to in home health services for LGBT communities”. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Gender and Health - Open Call Operating Grant. Co-Principal investigator: Dr. Judith MacDonnell, Co-investigators: Dr. Theresa Knott, Dr. Jane Aronson, Dr. Shari Brotman, Mr. Tim Pauley, Ms. Loralee Gillis.

Barry Adam
University of WindsorDr. Adam has an extensive record of working towards gay and bisexual men’s sexual health alongside a wide range of community and academic partners. Specifically, he has sought to apply principles of community-based research into work on HIV prevention and issues of living with HIV. Previously, he focused on gay and lesbian movements, documenting how individual coping strategies can coalesce...

University of TorontoMy doctoral work focused on the life histories of gay men aging in rural environments with a focus on their engagement in community and family roles. Findings speak to how the queer experience adds to current conceptual understandings of the life course and aging.

BJ Rye
St. JeromeI have three distinct research areas that relate to sexuality generally. First, I have conducted studies that assess the psychological bases for safer sexual practices -- with gay men as well as heterosexual populations. I have used social psychological theories -- in particular, the Theory of Reasoned Action (M. Fishbein & I. Ajzen) ; the Theory of Planned Behavior (I....

University of GuelphIn her research, Dr. Rice's focuses on embodiment and bodily difference. Specifically, she has explored queer people's experiences in health care; how people experience stigma when negotiating fertility treatment; stigma around fat, with a particular focus on queer and trans communities; and mobilizing new meanings of disability and difference. Dr. Rice engages in arts-informed research, aiming to surface subjugated experiences...