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Contemporary Fathers Reconstructing Masculinity: Clinical Implications of Gender Role Strain

Louise B. Silverstein PhD, Carl F. Auerbach PhD, Ronald F. Levant PhD 2002

Mother Tongues: The Discursive Journeys of Lesbians and Heterosexual Women into Motherhood

Fiona Nelson PhD 2008

When Your Friend Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem: A Guide for Gay and Bisexual Men

Susan Kingston 2005 ,

When Your Partner Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem: A Guide for Gay and Bisexual Men

Susan Kingston 2005 ,

Systems Failure: A Report on the Experiences of Sexual Minorities in Ontario’s Health-Care and Social-Services Systems

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO) 1997 , , , ,

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders of Color Sampling Methodology: Strategies for Collecting Data in Small, Hidden, or Hard-to-Reach Groups To Reduce Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

Francisco O. Buchting Ph.D., Pebbles Fagan Ph.D., M.P.H, Martha Pien M.A., Allison Rose M.H.S. 2009 , , , , ,

Buying Dad: One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor

Harlyn Aizley 2003

A Donor Insemination Guide – Written by and for Lesbian Women

Marie Mohler MA, Lacy Frazer PsyD 2002

Bear With Me

Diane Flacks 2005

Fatherhood for Gay Men: An Emotional and Practical Guide to Becoming a Gay Dad

Kevin McGarry 2003

Lesbian Motherhood: Stories of Becoming

Amy Hequembourg 2007 ,

Coming Out About Lesbians and Cancer

The Lesbians and Breast Cancer Project 2004 , ,

Report on the Needs Assessment of the LGBTQ Community of Hamilton

Deirdre Pike 2007 , , , ,

Maternal Men: Perverts and Deviants? Making Sense of Gay Men as Foster Carers and Adopters

Stephen Hicks PhD, DipSW 2006

From the Margins to the Center: Gay Fathers Reconstruct the Fathering Role

Adam L. Benson PsyD, Louise B. Silverstein PhD, Carl F. Auerbach PhD 2005

How to Run a Culturally Competent LGBT Smoking Treatment Group

Scout Ph.D., Alice Miele LICSW, CTTS-M, Judith B. Bradford Ph.D., D’hana Perry 2007 , , , ,

Invisible Men: FTMs and Homelessness in Toronto

The FTM Safer Shelter Project Research Team 2008 ,

Sexual Orientation and Victimization

Diane L. Beauchamp 2008 , , , ,

Social Justice Framework for GLBTT-SQ Wellness

Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition 2005 , , , ,

Critical Issues in Practice with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Two-Spirit People

Shari Brotman , Bill Ryan 2001 , , , ,

LGTB Health Matters: An Education & Training Resource for Health and Social Service Sectors

The Centre 2006 , , , ,

Gay Parenthood and the Decline of Paternity as We Knew It

Judith Stacey PhD, M.A., B.A. 2006

Gay Parenthood: A Socio-historical Analysis of Gay Man’s Procreative Consciousness

Dana Berkowitz PhD 2008

Respect and Self-Esteem: Talking about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity with Our Kids

Lesbian Mothers Association of Quebec 2007 , , ,

How Well Are We Doing? A Survey of the GLBT Population of Ottawa

Pink Triangle Services 2001 , , , ,

What Are Social Determinants of Health for LGBTTTIQ People?

Rainbow Health Network 2006 , , , ,

10 Tips for Working with Transgender Patients

Transgender Law Center 2016 ,

The Health and Social Service Needs of Gay and Lesbian Seniors and Their Families: An Exploration in Three Canadian Cities

Shari Brotman , Bill Ryan , Elizabeth Meyer 2006 , , , ,

Shaping A Culture of Respect in Our Schools: Promoting Safe and Healthy Relationships

Safe Schools Action Team 2008 ,

A New Look at Homophobia and Heterosexism in Canada

Bill Ryan M.Ed, MSW 2003 , , ,