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Girl Guides Canada: Guidelines for the Inclusion of Transgender members

2015 ,


T.O. Parent: Ontario LGBT Parent Matchmaker 2009


GQTG Parenting: Trans & Gender Queer Parenting 2009

Growing Up in a Lesbian Family: Effects on Child Development

Fiona Tasker PhD, Susan Golombok PhD 1998

Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients

Division 44/Committee on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns Joint Task Force 2000 , , ,

Health and Sexual Status in an Urban Gay Enclave and the Application of the Stress of the Process Model

Adam Isaiah Green PhD 2008

Health Care Practices and Relationships: The Experiences of LGBTQ Women and Health Care Prodivers: Final Results

2012 ,

Health Care Screening for Men Who Have Sex with Men

Daniel Knight M.D. 2006 ,

Health care use among gay, lesbian and bisexual Canadians

Michael Tjepkema 2008-03-19 , , , ,

Healthy Aging for Gay and Lesbian Seniors in Canada

Bill Ryan MSW 2009 , , , ,

Healthy Aging for Gay and Lesbian Seniors in Canada: An Environmental Scan

Shari Brotman , Bill Ryan 2008 , , , , ,

Healthy Relationships for Gay Men: Information and Resources

Safe Choices Program 2006 ,

Healthy Relationships for Lesbians: Information and Resources

Safe Choices Program 2006 ,

Heather Has Two Mommies

Lesléa Newman , Diana Souza 1989

HEIA: LGBT2SQ Populations Supplement | EIES: Supplément sur les populations LGBT2SQ

Rainbow Health Ontario 2019

Hi my name is Tina

Toronto Gay / Bisexual Men’s Crystal Meth Task Force 2006 , ,

History, (Re)Memory, Testimony, and Biomythography: Charting a Buller Man’s Trinidadian Past

Wesley Crichlow PhD 2004 , , , , ,

HIV Disclosure: A Legal Guide for Gay Men in Ontario

HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic (Ontario) 2008 , , ,

Home Fronts – Controversies in Nontraditional Parenting

Jess Wells 2000


2014 ,

How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent: a Book by Kids for Kids

Judith Snow 2004

How My Family Came to Be: Daddy, Papa and Me

Andrew R. Aldrich , Mike Motz 2003

How to Run a Culturally Competent LGBT Smoking Treatment Group

Scout Ph.D., Alice Miele LICSW, CTTS-M, Judith B. Bradford Ph.D., D’hana Perry 2007 , , , ,

How Well Are We Doing? A Survey of the GLBT Population of Ottawa

Pink Triangle Services 2001 , , , ,


Queers for Economic Justice 2009


Transsexual Menace Toronto 2009


Canadian Surrogacy Options 2009


Mount Sinai Hospital 2011


Our Fairy Godmother 2009


Surrogate Mothers Online 2009