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Parenting of Children by Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adults

Child Welfare League of America 2009

Peer Relations Among Adolescents With Female Same-Sex Parents

Jennifer L. Wainwright PhD, Charlotte J. Patterson PhD 2008

Perceptions of Children’s Parental Preferences in Lesbian Two-Mother Households

Abbie E. Goldberg PhD, Jordan B. Downing BA, Christine C. Sauck MA 2008-04-04

Planification en cas de maladie : renseignements juridiques à l’intention des personnes vivant avec le VIH en Ontario

ACCHO & HALCO 2012 ,

Planning for illness: legal information for people living with HIV in Ontario

ACCHO & HALCO 2012 ,

Policy and practice regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transexual and two-spirit adoption in Ontario

Ross L.E. , Epstein R. , Goldfinger C. , Yager C. 2009

Policy, practice and personal narratives: Experiences of LGBTQ people with adoption in Ontario, Canada

L.E. Ross , R. Epstein , S. Anderson , A. Eady 2009

Politics of the Heart – A Lesbian Parenting Anthology

Sandra Pollack , Jeanne Vaughn 1987

Positive Quitting: Smoking and HIV

Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2015/09/20 , ,

Precarious Partnerships: Designing a Community Needs Assessment to Develop a System of Care for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (GLBTQ) Youths

Dr. Shelley Craig (Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work - University of Toronto) 2011 , , ,

Primed: The Back Pocket Guide for Trans Men and the Men Who Dig Them

Gay/Bi/Queer Trans Men Working Group 2007 and 2015

Professional Organizations on LGBT Parenting (US)

The Human Rights Campaign 2010

Psychosocial Adjustment, School Outcomes, and Romantic Relationships of Adolescents With Same-Sex Parents

Jennifer L. Wainwright PhD, Stephen T. Russell PhD, Charlotte J. Patterson PhD 2004

Public Cervix Announcement

Buck Angel Entertainment 2010 ,

Pushed (back) in the Closet: Research Findings on the Safety Needs of LGBTTIQQ2S Women and Trans Communities of Toronto

Ruth Cameron MA 2009 , , ,

Quebec Policy Against Homophobia Overview

Justice Quebec 2009

Queer Nuclear Families? Reproducing and Transgressing Heteronormativity

Tor Folgerø M.A. 2008

Queer Parenting in the New Millennium: Resisting Normal

Rachel Epstein MA, BA 2005

Queering Elementary Education – Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling

William J. Letts IV , James T. Sears 1999

Queering Reproduction: Achieving Pregnancy in the Age of Technoscience

Laura Mamo 2007

Questions & Answers: Gender Identity in Schools

Public Health Agency of Canada 2010 , , , , ,

Questions & Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools

Public Health Agency of Canada 2010 , , , , ,

Questions & réponses: L’identité sexuelle à l’école

Agence de la santé publique du Canada 2010 , , , ,

Questions & réponses: L’orientation sexuelle à l’école

Agence de la santé publique du Canada 2012 , , , , ,

Race Relations and Racism in the LGBTQ Community of Toronto: Perceptions of Gay and Queer Social Service Providers of Color

Sulaimon Giwa , Cameron Greensmith 2012-02-15 , , ,

Raising Boys without Men

Peggy Drexler PhD, Linden Gross 2005

Rapid Response: Transgender Men’s Sexual Health and HIV Risk

Ontario Health Treatment Network 2010 ,

Reassessing the Foster-Care System: Examining the Impact of Heterosexism on Lesbian and Gay Applicants

Damien W. Riggs PhD 2007

Reimbursement of Expenditures under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act

The Canadian Bar Association 2007

Reinventing the Family: The Emerging Story of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Laura Benkov PhD 1994