LGBTQ Parenting Issues

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Lesbian Motherhood: Stories of Becoming

Amy Hequembourg 2007 ,

Respect and Self-Esteem: Talking about sexual orientation and gender identity with our kids

Coalition des familles homoparentales 2009

Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Parents and Their Families

Peggy Gillespie , Gigi Kaesar 1999

Gay and Lesbian Parenting

American Psychoanalytic Association 2002 ,

Families of Value: Personal Profiles of Pioneering Lesbian and Gay Parents

Robert Berstein 2005

Between Mom and Jo

Julie Anne Peters 2008

Lesbian and Gay Families Speak Out: Understanding the Joys and Challenges of Diverse Family Life

Jane Levy Drucker PhD 2001

Reinventing the Family: The Emerging Story of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Laura Benkov PhD 1994

Lesbian and Gay Parenting

American Psychological Association, Charlotte Patterson PhD 2005

Home Fronts – Controversies in Nontraditional Parenting

Jess Wells 2000

Out of the Ordinary: Essays on Growing Up with Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Parents

Noelle Howey , Ellen Samuels , Dan Savage , Margarethe Cammermeyer PhD 2000

The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide

Arlene Istar Lev CSW 2004

Queer Parenting in the New Millennium: Resisting Normal

Rachel Epstein MA, BA 2005

Just Molly and Me, and Donor Makes Three: Lesbian Motherhood in the Age of Assisted Reproductive Technology

Diane Ehrensaft PhD 2008

Display Work: Lesbian Parent Couples and Their Families of Origin Negotiating New Kin Relationships

Kathryn Almack 2008

Different Storks for Different Folks: Gay and Lesbian Parents’ Experiences with Alternative Insemination and Surrogacy

Valory Mitchell PhD, Robert Jay-Green PhD 2008

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Parented Families

Elizabeth Short , Damien W. Riggs , Amaryll Perlesz , Rhonda Brown , Graeme Kane 2007

Psychotherapy with Gay and Lesbian Families: Opportunities for Cultural Inclusion and Clinical Challenge

Susan O'Dell PhD, BCD, LCSW 2004

(How) Does It Make a Difference? Perspectives of Adults with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Parents

Abbie E. Goldberg PhD, M.S., B.S. 2007

Children with Lesbian Parents: A Community Study

Susan Golombok PhD, MSc, BSc, Beth Perry PhD, RN, Amanda Burston PhD, Clare Murray PhD, Julie Mooney-Somers PhD 2003

What About The Children: Arguments Against Lesbian and Gay Parenting

Victoria Clarke PhD 2001

Is There Any Rational Basis for the Existence of Barriers Against Same-Sex Parenting? An Analysis of Australian Adoption and Family Law

Phillip Duffey 2007 ,

Gay and Lesbian Parenting in Context: Research on Gay and Lesbian Parenting – Retrospect and Prospect

Fiona Tasker PhD, BSc, Charlotte J. Patterson PhD 2008

Queer Nuclear Families? Reproducing and Transgressing Heteronormativity

Tor Folgerø M.A. 2008

Talking About Family: Disclosure Practices of Adults Raised by Lesbians, Gay and Bisexual Parents

Abbie E. Goldberg PhD, M.S., B.S. 2007

What Straights Can Learn From Gays about Relationships and Parenting

Robert Jay-Green PhD 2008

If You Are Concerned About Your Child’s Gender Behaviors: A Guide for Parents

Children 2003 , ,

“Gays and Lesbians make bad parents”: There is no basis in the scientific literature for this perception.

Canadian Psychological Association 2010

Overview of Lesbian and Gay Parenting, Adoption, and Foster Care

American Civil Liberties Union 2010

LGBTQ Communities and AHR Services: Beginning a conversation

Rachel Epstein 2008