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Buying Dad: One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor

Harlyn Aizley 2003

A Donor Insemination Guide – Written by and for Lesbian Women

Marie Mohler MA, Lacy Frazer PsyD 2002

Bear With Me

Diane Flacks 2005

Fatherhood for Gay Men: An Emotional and Practical Guide to Becoming a Gay Dad

Kevin McGarry 2003

Ulysse et Alice

Arlane Bertouille , Marie-Claude Favreau 2006

Maternités lesbiennes

Nathalie Ricard 2001

Lesbian Motherhood: Stories of Becoming

Amy Hequembourg 2007 ,

A Gay Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer

Gerald Perlman , Jack Drescher 2005 , ,

The Health of Sexual Minorities: Public Health Perspectives on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations

Ilan H. Meyer Ph.D. 2007 , , ,

LGBTQ Cultures: What Health Care Professionals Need to Know About

Michele J. Eliason Ph.D., Suzanne L. Dibble DNSc, RN, Jeanne DeJoseph CNM, Ph.D., Peggy Chinn RN, Ph.D. 2009 , , , , ,

Attachment theory as a ‘practice of heterosexism’: Resisting the psychologisation of lesbian and gay foster carers

Damien W. Riggs 2009

Zack’s Story: Growing Up with Same-sex parents

Keith Elliot Greenberg , Carol Halebian 1996

Who’s In a Family?

Robert Skutch , Laura Nienhaus 1997

One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads

Johnny Valentine , Melody Sarecky 2004

King and King and Family

Linda de Haan , Stern Nijland 2004

How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent: a Book by Kids for Kids

Judith Snow 2004

Felicia’s Favorite Story

Leslea Newman , Adriana Romo 2002

Daddy’s Roommate

Michael Willhoite 1994

The Daddy Machine

Johnny Valentine , Lynette Schmidt 2004

Best Best Colours

Eric Hoffman , Celeste Henriquez 2002

And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson , Peter Parnell , Henry Cole 2005

ABC a Family Alphabet Book

Bobbie Coombs , Desiree Keane , Brian Rappa 2001

Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Parents and Their Families

Peggy Gillespie , Gigi Kaesar 1999

Lesbian Step Families: an Ethnography of Love

Ellen Cole , Esther D. Rosenblum , Janet M. Wright 1998

Lesbian and Gay Fostering and Adoption: Extraordinary Yet Ordinary

Stephen Hicks , Janet McDermott 1998

Growing Up in a Lesbian Family: Effects on Child Development

Fiona Tasker PhD, Susan Golombok PhD 1998

Gay Parents/Straight Schools: Building Communication and Trust

Virginia Casper PhD, Steven B. Schultz 1999

For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud

Suzanne Johnston , Elizabeth O'Connor 2001

Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is

Abigail Garner 2005

The Wonder of You: a Book for Celebrating Baby’s First Year

Nancy Tillman 2008