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“It wasn’t ‘let’s get pregnant and go do it'”: Decision making in lesbian couples planning motherhood via donor insemination

J.M. Chabot , B.D. Ames 2004

“The Lady Vanishes? Reflections on the Experiences of Married and Divorced Non-Heterosexual Fathers”

Gillian A. Dunne 2001

(How) Does It Make a Difference? Perspectives of Adults with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Parents

Abbie E. Goldberg PhD, M.S., B.S. 2007

Adaptation and adjustment in children of transsexual parents

Tonya White MD, Randi Ettner PhD 2006

Addressing Health Care Disparities in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Population

Fidelindo A. Lim, Donald V. Brown Jr., and Sung Min Justin Kim N/A , , , , ,

Assessing Lesbian and Gay Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families: A Focus on the Home Study Process

Gerald P. Mallon PhD, LCSW, DSW 2007

Assisted reproductive technologies and equity of access issues.

Peterson, M. 2005

Children of a Transsexual Father: A Successful Intervention

Joanna Sales MD 1994

Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Charlotte J. Patterson PhD 2006-11-28

Children of the Closet: A Measurement of the Anxiety and Self-Esteem of Children Raised by a Non-Disclosed Homosexual or Bisexual Parent

Paul D. Murray PhD, Karen McClintock PhD 2005

Children with Lesbian Parents: A Community Study

Susan Golombok PhD, MSc, BSc, Beth Perry PhD, RN, Amanda Burston PhD, Clare Murray PhD, Julie Mooney-Somers PhD 2003

Choices, Challenges, and Tensions: Perspectives of Lesbian Prospective Adoptive Parents

Abbie E. Goldberg PhD, Jordan B. Downing , Christine C. Sauck 2008

Co-parent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents

American Academy of Pediatrics 2002

Coming Out to Care: Caregivers of Gay and Lesbian Seniors in Canada

Shari Brotman PhD, Bill Ryan MSW, Shannon Collins MSW, Line Chamberland PhD, Robert Cormier MSW 2007 , , , , , ,

Contemporary Fathers Reconstructing Masculinity: Clinical Implications of Gender Role Strain

Louise B. Silverstein PhD, Carl F. Auerbach PhD, Ronald F. Levant PhD 2002

Depression in Male-to-Female Transgender Ontarians: Results from the Trans PULSE Project

Nooshin Khobzi Rotondi , Greta Bauer , Robb Travers , Kyle Scanlon , Anna Travers 2012-03-27 , ,

Different Storks for Different Folks: Gay and Lesbian Parents’ Experiences with Alternative Insemination and Surrogacy

Valory Mitchell PhD, Robert Jay-Green PhD 2008

Disparities in Health Related Quality of Life: A Comparison of Lesbians and Bisexual Women

Karen I. Fredriksen-Goldsen PhD, Hyun-Jun Kim PhD, Susan E. Barkan PhD, Kimberley F. Balsam PhD, Shawn L. Mincer MSW 2010 ,

Display Work: Lesbian Parent Couples and Their Families of Origin Negotiating New Kin Relationships

Kathryn Almack 2008

Envisaging the Adoption Process to Strengthen Gay- and Lesbian-Headed Families: Recommendations for Adoption Professionals

John D. Matthews PhD, MSW, Elizabeth P. Cramer PhD, MSW, LCSW 2006

Everything you ever wanted to know about donor sperm, but were afraid to ask!

Haimant Bissessar BSc. 2008

Family in transition: parents, children and grandparents in lesbian families give meaning to ‘doing family’

Amaryll Perlesz PhD, Rhonda Brown MSS, Dip FT, Ruth McNair MD, David deVaus PhD, Dip Ed, BA, Marian Pitts PhD, BA, AFBPS, MAPS 2006-04-12

From the Margins to the Center: Gay Fathers Reconstruct the Fathering Role

Adam L. Benson PsyD, Louise B. Silverstein PhD, Carl F. Auerbach PhD 2005

Gay and Lesbian Parenting in Context: Research on Gay and Lesbian Parenting – Retrospect and Prospect

Fiona Tasker PhD, BSc, Charlotte J. Patterson PhD 2008

Gay Fathers Expanding Possibilities for Us All

Stephanie Jill Schacher PsyD, Carl F. Auerbach PhD, Louise Bordeaux Silverstein PhD 2005

Gay male couples and assisted reproduction: should we assist?

Greenfield, D. 2007

Gay Men: Negotiating Procreative, Father, and Family Identities

Dana Berkowitz PhD, William Marsiglio PhD 2007

Gay Parenthood and the Decline of Paternity as We Knew It

Judith Stacey PhD, M.A., B.A. 2006

Gay Parenthood: A Socio-historical Analysis of Gay Man’s Procreative Consciousness

Dana Berkowitz PhD 2008

Gender Reassignment and Assisted Reproduction

Peter De Sutter 2001