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Family Service Toronto 2009

Fertility Clinics in Canada

Family Helper 2010

Family Equality Council 2008

My GSA Mon alliance gaie-hétéro

Egale Canada 2010 , ,

Égale Canada 2008 , ,

My GSA – Educator’s Section

Egale 2011 ,


Drexel University School of Public Health 2009 , ,


Philosophy of Midwifery Care in Ontario

College of Midwives of Ontario 2010

COLAGE – Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere 2009

Coalition des Famillies Homoparentales (LGBT Family Coalition) 2009

California study underscores the need to reduce cancer risk

CATIE 2012

Canadian Surrogacy Options 2009

Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health

Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health 2007

Canada Adopts 2009

Can-Am Cryo Services 2009

Camp fYrefly

Camp fYrefly 2008

BiNetCanada 2009

BiNet USA 2009

Beyond Marriage 2006

Association of Ontario Midwives 2010

Assisted Human Reproduction Canada 2009

LGBT Fertility Journeys

Annemarie Shrouder 2011

Overview of Lesbian and Gay Parenting, Adoption, and Foster Care

American Civil Liberties Union 2010

Adoptive Families Association of BC – Resources and Books

Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia 2010

Adoption Council of Ontario 2009

Adoption Council of Canada 2009

Abigail Garner 2009

Trans Primary Care Guide


Caring for Kids

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