LGBTQ+ Newcomer Booklet

LGBTQ+ Newcomer Booklet

A collection of stories, experiences, resources and information shared by members of the LGBTQ+ newcomer communities.

Author: Among Friends Initiative Source: Among Frinds Initiative Website: Origin Country: Canada Publish Date: 2011 Publication City: Toronto Languages: .Resource Type: , , .Resource Topics: , , , , .Target Audiences: , , , , , . Last Modified: 2018-07-23

Between 2010 and 2011, LGBTQ+ newcomers came together to develop a booklet that would highlight their lives as immigrants and refugees to Canada who are also part of the LGBTQ+ community. Issues discussed in the booklet include accessing services, racism, language barriers, transphobia, volunteerism, mental health, community development, social engagement and much more.

“This initiative has immensely empowered me to come out as a gay newcomer and talk openly about the issues related to people like myself,” Ranjith Kulatilake, Among Friends volunteer/ LGBTQ+ newcomer community member.

“The booklet was created with the support from Community One Foundation’s Rainbow Grants and The Ontario Trillium Foundation. We are thankful for this opportunity to highlight and support diversity within the LGBTQ+ and newcomer communities,” Aamer Esmail, Manager, Youth Programs, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services.

Among Friends Initiative is a collaboration between Access Alliance , The 519 Church Street Community Centre and Culturelink.