Positive Quitting: Smoking and HIV

Positive Quitting: Smoking and HIV

Ontario HIV agencies, together with Toronto Public Health and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, have created a new website about HIV and smoking.

Author: Ontario HIV Treatment Network Website: http://www.positivequitting.ca Origin Country: Canada Publish Date: 2015/09/20 Publication City: Toronto Languages: .Resource Type: , , .Resource Topics: , .Target Audiences: , , , . Last Modified: 2017-08-08

PositiveQuitting.ca features videos, first-person stories, and links to helplines, apps, and online support groups.

According to the website:

“You’ll find resources, links to smoking cessation helplines, training opportunities, model policies, and facts about smoking and HIV. Whether you’re a person living with HIV or an employee at an HIV clinic or AIDS service organization, these resources are for you.”

If you’re a smoker and living with HIV, check out the site to learn more.