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Amelia Sloan Therapy

I am a supervised candidate at the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (TIRP). I provide trauma informed relational & somatic therapy to a diverse client population experiencing a wide range of life circumstances & difficulties. This includes, but it not limited to: anxiety, depression, anger, numbness and sadness; Self-harm, suicidal thoughts & behaviours, self-esteem & body image, emotional regulation, PTSD, illness or medical diagnosis, and/or substance abuse and addictions; Relationship problems and transitions, divorce/relationship endings; bereavement and grief. Experiences of trauma, assault, interpersonal violence, childhood abuse and oppression. Exploring gender and/or sexual identity; sexuality and intimacy challenges; kink/BDSM, living with HIV/AIDS, coping with sexually transmitted infections and/or exploring diverse relationship models.

In relational therapy we unpack how repetitive beliefs & patterns show up in your relationship with yourself & others, paying close attention to the impact of your earliest relationships. We explore and make sense of your feelings, thoughts, experiences, needs & boundaries and create new patterns and ways of connecting with others, while developing a secure sense of self. This starts with the strong therapeutic relationship between you & I. Using sensorimotor psychotherapy and mindfulness practices, we can additionally explore the ways your body & nervous system holds memories & trauma & the sensations and feelings that accompany this.

Whether we work relationally and/or somatically, my practice is grounded in the frameworks of intersectional feminism, anti-oppression, social justice, queer theory & harm/risk reduction. I am sex & kink-positive, sex-work positive, class-conscious & anti-racist.

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