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Forouz Salari Counselling & Consultation Services

65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 402, 65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 402, Toronto

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Forouz Salari (she/her) is a registered social worker, psychotherapist and clinical consultant in Ontario who provides online counselling (video therapy / tele-counselling) to individuals, couples/partners and adult family members (including chosen family).
She also provides online clinical consultation to professionals and organizations in the fields of social work, mental health, social services and community services.

Her passion is to support people who are committed to self-exploration and healing as part of their ongoing personal and professional growth.

Individual Counselling

Have you gone through a major change in your life (example: breakup, divorce, parenthood, immigration or career change)? Are you struggling with burnout, stress or anxiety? Are you exploring your sexuality or gender identity? Do you want to heal through the effects of past traumas? Are you feeling ignored, excluded or marginalized, based on your identity?

Individual counselling offers you a dedicated time and space where you can take back your power, explore and accept yourself, learn new techniques & approaches, and create doable plans & toolkits to feel more balanced, well and fulfilled.

* Limited discounted spots available for part-time and fulltime post-secondary students *


Couples Counselling  &  Sex Therapy

Does your partner or spouse feel like a stranger to you? Is your romantic or sexual partnership or marriage lacking intimacy? Do you disagree or snipe at each other whenever you try to connect or make decisions together? Are you (or your partner) exploring your gender identity or sexuality and you’re not sure how to stay connected, in the process?

Couples Counselling & Sex Therapy allows you to come together and reconnect by re-establishing a sense of safety and comfort, while learning and practising new ways of communicating, expressing & accepting each other’s needs & boundaries.


Family Therapy

Do you feel like you and your parent, your adult child or adult sibling still have the same arguments that you used to have when you were a teenager? Do you feel criticized, judged, misunderstood or disrespected, every time you try to connect with them? Are you heartbroken and disappointed that the two of you haven’t figured things out by now?

Family therapy gives you the chance to reconnect by learning new techniques to calm intense emotions, express the effects of past hurts, acknowledge each other’s experiences, perspectives, needs & boundaries, and improve communication.


Clinical Consultation

Are you a professional in the fields of social work, mental health, community services or social services?

When our work involves advocating for others and helping them through the most challenging circumstances in their lives, it’s hard not feel drained, disillusioned and doubtful.

Clinical consultation connects your personal and professional growth, offering the support, guidance and mentorship you need to create balance and feel confident in your competence, whether you’re a frontline worker, a leader/manager, or a professional team.

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