Hershel Russell Psychotherapy

A sturdy warmth, a sharp mind, excellent therapeutic skills and a sense of humour.

I have worked with individuals and couples in Private Practise since Jan 1989, primarily LGBT clients and their families, though many straight and cisgendered people come in too–who am I to discriminate? Providing support to the parents, partners, adult children and families of LGBT people is also a particular interest for me. My own grown children have certainly challenged me in all kinds of unexpected ways.

As an out (and visible) transgendered man, my office can feel particularly comfortable for a wide range of trans people. I work to create a protected space where clients can explore their gender without preconceptions or pressure in any direction from me. I also have considerable knowledge of how others have navigated these complex issues–and the medical system — to reach some place of comfort and good health that works for them.

I am also familiar and comfortable with a range of Queer communities, including Queer communities of Colour, polyamorous or other negotiated non-monogamous relationships, and Leather/BDSM communities.

I work within a feminist and anti-oppression framework, though I hope I am never didactic. I have training in a wide range of modalities, from Gestalt through Rogerian, from Jungian dreamwork to current mainstream theories. These days I find myself particularly interested in Narrative thinking. Overall it remains my belief (supported by much research) that theoretical background matters much less than the quality of relationship between therapist and client.

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