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Katie Dunnigan – Registered Psychotherapist

I guide people through a healing process that helps to explore who they are on the deepest level. Instead of battling your problems with coping strategies, positive thinking, or willpower, we will focus on nurturing your true self by quieting the mind, strengthening intuition, and opening awareness. Through this type of inner work, people can experience peace of mind, joy, creativity, inner strength, sense of purpose, and connection to self. Other benefits include the ability to relax deeply, to process emotions, to learn from life experiences, and to move through the world in a way that works for you.

I work with people who experience a wide range of symptoms, including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, addictions, and stress. As a queer person, I understand the need to feel safe and comfortable as you explore all parts of yourself. Feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email to ask questions or book an appointment. I offer free 15-minute phone consults to discuss your concerns and share more about how I work.

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Open Research: Help develop an educational tool that tests and teaches #Mentalhealth professionals about trans-spe……

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The first job of LGBTQ healthcare is to remind LGBTQ people that they are worthy of good health.