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Rebecca Lester Counsellor

86 Homewood Avenue, Hamilton

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I am thrilled to offer individual and relationship counselling to all people who identify as LGBTTTQQIAA. I have personal and professional experience supporting people of all ages with working through identity issues so that we can live well with our truest selves. I also understand that for many people in our community issues related to identity are not the most pressing. It is often everyday life that affects us most and we need support around personal growth, relationships, parenting, and school or work life just like everyone else does. I offer counselling services to individuals, couples, families and polyamorous partners. Although I don’t have professional experience working with people who identify as Intersex, Two-Spirited or Asexual I am more than happy to offer my services to you.

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Open Research: Help develop an educational tool that tests and teaches #Mentalhealth professionals about trans-spe……

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The first job of LGBTQ healthcare is to remind LGBTQ people that they are worthy of good health.