Point-of-Care Guides

The following quick reference guide (QRG) was derived from Sherbourne's Guidelines for Gender-Affirming Primary Care with Trans and Non-Binary Patients and is designed to be used in conjunction with the full Guidelines. In the QRG, you'll find summaries of feminizing and masculinizing hormone monitoring and the effects and expected time courses for feminizing and masculinizing hormones.

Quick reference guides:

Quick reference guide for primary care providers (ENGLISH VERSION)
Aide-mémoire pour professionnels de la santé de première ligne (FRENCH VERSION)

Consent forms

  • Appendix K: Checklist for Patient Review – Initiation of Feminizing Hormone Therapy
  • Appendix L: Checklist for Patient Review – Initiation of Progestin Therapy
  • Appendix M: Checklist for Patient Review – Initiation of Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

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