• While LGBTQ people have many of the same health concerns as the general population, these health needs are affected by a number of issues that are specific to LGBTQ communities, and LGBTQ people face several barriers to accessing health care. RHO provides training to assist health care and social service providers in their understanding of these issues and to improve their skills in providing equitable and comprehensive services to LGBTQ people.

    These training sessions can be tailored and custom designed to different audiences including front-line staff, mental health workers, counselors, management or board directors and volunteers.

    Rainbow Health Ontario encourages all participants to attend Introduction to LGBTQ and Health Needs as a prerequisite to other RHO trainings, which might include topics such as:

    • LGBTQ Emotional and Mental Health
    • LGBTQ Seniors
    • Making Your Organization LGBTQ-Positive
    • Transition in the Workplace
  • doctors

RHO also offers training that focuses specifically on trans health through our Trans Health Connection program. Trans Health Connection provides training, mentoring, information and networking to providers who are interested in providing high-quality care to trans clients. Visit our Trans Health Connection page to find out more.

To request a training, please fill out the form below.

To view a listing of open upcoming training opportunities, please visit our Events section.

RHO offers two clinical sessions that meet the accreditation criteria of The College of Family Physicians of Canada. Each session has been accredited by the Ontario Chapter for up to 3.0 Mainpro-M1 credits. For more details, please click here.

Fees and Training Request Forms

  • What is the cost of the training?

    RHO asks for honoraria for training but will not deny training to those who cannot pay. Typically agencies pay $100.00 (one hundred) to $500.00 (five hundred) depending on the length of the training and agency resources. When multiple sessions are provided per year, the cost of training will be negotiated individually.

    Most of the education and training sessions by RHO staff are offered on a cost recovery basis.

  • Payment information

    All honoraria and /or training fees must be made payable to, Sherbourne Health Centre (RHO)

  • Who do I contact for training and education inquires?

    For all training inquiries please contact the Education Coordinator, Devan Nambiar, or 416-324-4100 ext. 5262

  • Request Training Form

    To request a training fill out our online form below.

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    Please provide an estimate of number of attendees.

    Of these, how many are new to the topic and how many have some, or a great deal, of knowledge? (required)

    Who will be in the audience? (e.g. volunteers, board members, administrative staff, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, counsellors, physicians, psychotherapists, entire health care team, etc) (required)

    How much time are you considering for the workshop (e.g., 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours or full-day with a break for lunch, etc.) (required)

    Have there been any recent events or incidents that have prompted the request for training? If so, please describe. Do you have any issues or concerns that you would like us to address as part of training exercises? (If yes please mention briefly at this stage – we will discuss further.) (required)

    What is the best date and time for the training? Please provide at least 3 dates, best time or the month(s) to attain maximum attendance. (required)

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E-Learning Module

In partnership with the University Health Network, we created an e-learning module that covers basic LGBTQ health terminology and some tips on working with LGBTQ clients in a clinical environment. The module is available here:

Intro to LGBTQ E-Learning Module