2SLGBTQ Health in Focus: A Podcast from Rainbow Health Ontario

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: The Current State of 2SLGBTQ Medical Education

Episode 2: Rural Health for 2SLGBTQ Patients and Providers *new*

Episodes 3 & 4: Countering Anti-Trans Hate for Health Care Providers Will be released February 27


Jodi (he/him) is a Clinical Systems Navigator at Rainbow Health Ontario. He is a dedicated 2SLGBTQ health advocate with over 6 years of experience in working with trans and non-binary communities. He is a self-identified black queer trans man, with a passion for tech.

Alison (she/her) is the Manager of Communications at Sherbourne Health. Her writing on gender and sexuality has appeared in numerous outlets including This Magazine, Chatelaine, Art Threat and The Best Canadian Essays 2009 and Gendered Intersections: A Women’s and Gender Studies Primer. She holds a Master of Professional Communication degree from Toronto Metropolitan University.


Rie (she/her) is a Clinical Educator at Rainbow Health Ontario. With a long work history with youth and in harm reduction, Rie champions anti-oppression, strengths-based frameworks, and is working to dismantle systems of oppression one training at a time.

Sil (she/her) is the Senior Program Manager at RHO. Since joining RHO in 2018, Sil has educated more than 5,000 health care providers on 2SLGBTQ health, and provided consultations on equity, diversity, and inclusion to hundreds of organizations.

Tanya (they/them) is a Clinical Educator at Rainbow Health Ontario. Tanya designs and delivers trainings on 2SLGBTQ health and well-being across the province. They bring an inter-disciplinary background, an equity approach, and lived experience to this work.

Juan (they/he; iel/il) is a Clinical Educator at Rainbow Health Ontario. They are fluent in French, Spanish, and English, and bring over seven years of experience in anti-oppression trainings. He has worked directly with various organizations to help increase their 2SLGBTQ cultural competencies, improve recruitment practices, and review internal policies. As a genderqueer Latinx immigrant, Juan brings a unique and nuanced understanding of the health needs and barriers for queer, transgender, racialized and immigrant service users in Ontario.

Production & Editing

Al (they/them) is the Communications and Fund Development coordinator at Sherbourne Health. They like health equity, capybaras, and good coffee.

Credits & Thanks

2SLGBTQ Health in Focus is executive produced by Alison and produced by Al.

Audio engineering by Carlay Ream-Neal.

Ziibiwan created our theme music, “Two Spirited”. Visit their bandcamp page to hear more.

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