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Rainbow Health Ontario
Sherbourne Health
333 Sherbourne Street
Toronto ON, M5A 2S5
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Our team is here to assist you. Contact any one of us at the following email addresses.

Silvana develops and facilitates trainings for health care providers on trans health. Silvana has trained thousands of health care providers since joining RHO. Previously, Silvana developed and facilitated trainings for workers and volunteers in the legal, social services, and healthcare sectors on sexual orientation, gender identity, ethno-racial identity, migration and poverty. Additionally, Silvana worked in mental health for 18 years counselling 2SLGBTQ clients from an anti-oppression, trauma-informed perspective.

Tanya develops and facilitates trainings on LGBT2SQ health and well-being. They are an educator with more than 10 years of experience who joined RHO in 2021. Previously Tanya co-facilitated the peer leadership training programs for 2SLGBTQ youth at Sherbourne Health. Tanya can be contacted at

Gael manages all of RHO’s administrative functions. Gael previously worked as an advocate for access to equitable services and care for marginalized populations. Contact Gael at for RHO general inquiries and store purchases.

Alison is an experienced communications strategist with more than 10 years of experience in not-for-profit and health care organizations. She is dedicated to patient experience, digital storytelling and 2SLGBTQ communities.

Juan-Sebastian develops and facilitates trainings on 2SLGBTQ cultural and clinical competencies for health and social service providers in Ontario. He is fluent in French, Spanish, and English, and brings over 6 years of experience developing and delivering anti-oppression trainings, as well as experience in clinical research with at-risk populations. Juan-Sebastian has worked directly with various organizations to help increase their 2LGBTQ cultural competencies, improve recruitment practices, and review internal policies. Finally, as a transgender Latinx immigrant, he brings a unique and nuanced understanding of the health needs and barriers for queer, gender-non-conforming, racialised and immigrant service users in Ontario. Juan-Sebastian can be contacted at


Jodi manages all medical provider inquires related to trans and non binary health. He brings over 5 years of experience in 2SLGBTQ community outreach and advocacy within the Ontario healthcare system. Jodi can be contacted at


laura develops and facilitates trainings for health care providers on 2SLGBTQ sexual and reproductive health. They are a sex educator with over a decade of experience working in sexual health & wellness for marginalised communities. Contact laura at for info on 2SLGBTQ sexual and reproductive heath training for healthcare providers.

Julia (they/them) has coordinated health equity adult learning, research, and community programming for over ten years. Their work has focused on the intersection of 2SLGBTQ; racialized; immigrant, refugee, and non-status people. They are managing a Health Canada funded project titled, “Improving the quality and access of sexual and reproductive healthcare for 2SLGBTQ people living in Canada.” Julia can be reached at