We’re at an important time in the history of LGBT2SQ health research, with research in this area growing. However, there remain significant gaps in evidence, creating challenges for policy and programming initiatives. More comprehensive research can advance the needs of our communities by translating into better advocacy efforts, policy, programming and services.

As part of the 2018 Rainbow Health Ontario Conference, we’re hosting two sessions that are part of a larger process for setting a province-wide research agenda on LGBT2SQ health in Ontario. This is an important step for developing a cohesive approach to filling research gaps; one that will be guided by our communities’ perspectives and needs.

To achieve this, we need your input on what LGBT2SQ health issues you think require further research.

If you are a community member, researcher, front-line worker, advocate, clinician, student, academic, organizational leader—or are involved in the public policy process—have your voice heard in this short, voluntary survey and help make a difference in the health of Ontario’s LGBT2SQ communities.

Please take a few moments to respond to our survey below, or at the link. You’re also encouraged to share it throughout your networks.


Susan Barrass
Policy and Research Analyst
Rainbow Health Ontario

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