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Sexual and reproductive health education for providers across Canada

Improving the quality and access of sexual and reproductive healthcare for 2SLGBTQ people living in Canada will be coming soon


Health Canada – Sexual and Reproductive Health Fund (SRHF)


March 2022 – March 31, 2024

Project Information

This project aims to address the gap in access to inclusive, comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare for 2SLGBTQ communities by advancing the capacity of healthcare providers (HCPs) across Canada to provide culturally safe, affirming, and accurate service provision for 2SLGBTQ clients. The project will achieve this objective through the development and piloting of four training courses directed at a range of healthcare providers. Please note that Rainbow Health Ontario’s Foundations Course (login required) is a prerequisite for all courses.

Course Descriptions:

  1. General Sexual and Reproductive Health and Wellness for 2SLGBTQ Communities, such as fertility preservation for trans and non binary individuals, contraception and STBBI prevention, pregnancy termination, maintaining health and wellness of the sexual and reproductive systems and gender-affirming pelvic exams;
  2. 2SLGBTQ Fertility Care and Family Planning, including gender-affirming fertility care, HIV and fertility, preconception health, regional availability of and access to care providers to support clients in their fertility journey, and options for surrogacy, adoption, and accessing donor gametes;
  3. Pregnancy considerations for 2SLGBTQ clients, including gender-affirming care for trans-masculine and nonbinary pregnancies, managing dysphoria during pregnancy, dealing with the impact of pregnancy loss, as well as 2SLGBTQ-competent prenatal care
  4. 2SLGBTQ Parenthood, Postpartum and Newborn Care, which will include topics such as 2SLGBTQ mental health and invisibility in parenthood, lactation induction, suppression and chest feeding, and considerations for gender-affirming practices following childbirth such as managing gender dysphoria, restarting HRT, and safe chest binding practices

Project Partners

• Women’s College Hospital – Canadian HIV Pregnancy Planning Guidelines
• TransCare BC –
• The Association of Ontario Midwives –

Pilot Phase Participation

We are currently piloting Courses 1 and 2. If you are interested in participating in this phase of the project, please fill out the online form here.

For more information about this project, please reach out to:
julia eden (they/ them) – Project Manager –