Antony Chum

PhD | PhD

Experience in LGBT2SQ research

Antony is the Canada Research Chair (tier 2) in Population Health Data Science at York University. Drawing on the disciplines of social epidemiology, geospatial analytics, and machine learning, Antony’s research investigates the social and built-environmental determinants of health and evaluate policies to build healthier cities and communities, especially for LGBTQ+, racialized, and low income individuals. His research approach combines population health data sciences (“big data” analysis) and the application of rigorous social theories (e.g. intersectionality, social ecological theory, minority stress theory, etc.) to investigate social determinants of health and to evaluate interventions aimed at eliminating health disparities.


Interest in LGBT2SQ research

I currently am the principal investigator of three Tri-council funded research projects related to LGBTQ2S+ health:

  1. SSHRC Insight Development Grant: Understanding disparities in substance ­use related crisis across sexual orientations in Canada
  2. SSHRC Insight Grant: Investigating the social determinants of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual mental health in Canada
  3. CIHR project grant: Suicide-Related Behaviours of Lesbians, Gay, and Bisexual individuals in Ontario: Investigating the Socio-Environmental Determinants of Risk and Care using Linked Longitudinal Population-Based Data

Published Work