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Heather B MacIntosh

PhD | BA, PhD

Experience in LGBT2SQ research

I am a clinical psychologist and educator focused on ensuring that queer and trans students, and participants are intentionally and clearly included in all of my research. I think I may have said more about my background in the previous question but my current projects are the development of Developmental Couple Therapy for Complex Trauma (DCTCT) groups for queer and trans, BIPOC, and QTBIPOC couples dealing with the impacts of covid and ongoing traumas in their relational lives. Additionally, I am currently developing a research grant application to develop resources for LGBT2SQ survivors of trauma around sexual healing.

Interest in LGBT2SQ research

I have been involved in LGBT2SQ research for approximately 15 years. Initially, I lead a study on the impacts of legal marriage on “same sex” couples and published those findings in a peer reviewed journal. Since I started my tenure track position in the MScA in Couple and Family Therapy at McGill University I have been engaged, primarily, in clinical research with couples dealing with trauma. I have ensured that all of my projects include queer and trans couples and that their voices are represented in all of my research writing, book chapters and in the treatment manual that arose from a pilot study, Developmental Couple Therapy for Complex Trauma (DCTCT, MacIntosh, 2019, Routledge). Currently, I am running a funded programme of DCTCT groups for trauma survivor couples and have run specific groups for queer, trans, BIPOC and QTBIPOC couples. I am working on a grant application to develop resources for queer and trans trauma survivors around sexual healing.

Published Work

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