2SLGBTQ Health in Focus: A Podcast from Rainbow Health Ontario

2SLGBTQ Health In Focus, is a podcast from Rainbow Health Ontario where we talk to experts in the field and share knowledge about health and health care systems and 2SLGBTQ folks.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: The Current State of 2SLGBTQ Medical Education

Episode 2: Rural Health for 2SLGBTQ Patients and Providers

Episodes 3 & 4: Countering Anti-Trans Hate for Health Care Providers


Jodi Asphall (he/him) is a Clinical Systems Navigator at Rainbow Health Ontario. He is a dedicated 2SLGBTQ health advocate with over six years of experience in working with trans and non-binary communities. He is a self-identified black queer trans man, with a passion for tech.

Alison Terpenning (she/her) is the Manager of Communications at Sherbourne Health. Her writing on gender and sexuality has appeared in numerous outlets including This Magazine, Chatelaine, Art Threat and The Best Canadian Essays 2009 and Gendered Intersections: A Women’s and Gender Studies Primer. She holds a Master of Professional Communication degree from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Credits & Thanks

Thanks to our reporters Rie, Juan, Sil and Tanya.

2SLGBTQ Health in Focus is executive produced by Alison Terpenning and produced by Al Donato.

Editing by Al Donato.

Audio engineering by Carlay Ream-Neal.

Our theme song, Two Spirited, is by Ziibiwan. Visit their bandcamp page to hear more.

Thanks to Talkback Studios and Pop-Up Podcasting for production support.