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Breaking Down Barriers: A Tool to Address Inequalities in LGBT2-SQ Health Care

This project, Breaking Down Barriers: A Tool to Address Inequalities in LGBT2-SQ Health Care in Sudbury, Ontario is aimed to collaboratively develop and provide a means of self-advocacy for LGBT2-SQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, queer) peoples. Let it be noted here that the term LGBT2-SQ has been utilized with the intention of inclusion of those of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We recognize diversity in self-identification and thus acronyms used, and have chosen LGBT2-SQ as it most accurately represented the self-identifications of those with whom we were working.

Through partnerships within the community, focus groups, data analysis, and tool creation, this project aimed to address the current gap in health care experienced by LGBT2-SQ populations and peoples. In order to hear the voices and needs of persons within these populations, medical students partnered with local organizations: TG Innerselves, a trans* advocacy group in Sudbury, Ontario serving all of Northern Ontario, as well as Réseau ACCESS Network, an organization dedicated to wellness, harm and risk reduction as well as education. Together, we held focus group sessions with members of local LGBT2-SQ communities and utilized the input gained to create a handbook for healthcare providers as well as gender and sexuality inclusive general intake forms.

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