LGBT Toolkit – For Creating Culturally Competent Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons

In discussions with LGBT representatives, Toronto Long-Term Care Homes and Services learned that many LGBT seniors did not consistently feel safe in disclosing their sexual identity or orientation to mainstream healthcare providers due to a fear of discrimination. This affected their sense of personal well-being. We set out to remove this barrier within long-term care, working with the community (including LGBT individuals and agencies) to more fully understand community needs and to create a care and service culture and model in which all residents’ histories and traditions are honoured and preserved.

The toolkit contains resources, training plans, programs and activities to enhance understanding, sensitivity and responsiveness about LGBT issues, educate staff and provide advice in care and service design in order to be LGBT-positive, inclusive and welcoming for all residents. Although initially designed for Toronto’s homes, the toolkit is available to help other long-term care organizations in their journeys to become LGBT-positive and inclusive.