When Your Friend Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem: A Guide for Gay and Bisexual Men

From the outside, addiction can seem hard to explain, frustrating, and contrary to all logic, especially when it’s someone close to you with the problem. How long do you watch the harm being done before you step in? How can I help when I don’t even understand what’s going on?

Addiction is a chronic disease and, like others, can be more easily and successfully treated when recognized early. Although individuals do have to make the decision to quit for themselves, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to move the process along. Stubborn myths like, “You can’t do anything unless an alcoholic wants to stop drinking”or “Drug addicts have to hit bottom before they want help”are common but not true. Friends and family members can play a major role in motivating loved ones to seek help.

This booklet offers some insight and advice on how to support your friend and yourself through this difficult period. Special topics include:

* Understanding addiction
* Stages of addiction in relationships
* What helps and what doesn’t
* Taking care of yourself
* FAQS about treatment
* How to support recovery