Trans health

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Trans Care: Trans People and Cardiovascular Disease

Olivia Ashbee , Joshua Goldberg 2006 , ,

Trans Care: Trans People and Diabetes

Olivia Ashbee , Joshua Goldberg 2006 , ,

Trans Care: Trans People and Osteoporosis

Olivia Ashbee , Joshua Goldberg 2006 , ,

Trans Care: Trans People and Vaccinations

Olivia Ashbee , Joshua Goldberg 2006

Trans Inclusion Poster

2015 , , , ,

Trans Ontarians’ Sex Designations on Federal and Provincial Identity Documents

Bauer G, for the Trans PULSE Project 2012-11-15

TRANS Pulse Research Project Findings – report to the MOHLTC estimating unmet needs for OHIP-funded SRS coverage

TRANS Pulse 2010-08-16

TRANS Pulse Research Project Findings #1; Qui sont les personnes trans en Ontario?

TRANS Pulse 2010-07-26

TRANS Pulse Research Project Findings #1: Who are trans people in Ontario?

TRANS Pulse 2010-07-27

TRANS Pulse Research Project Findings #2: Suicide

TRANS Pulse 2010 ,

Trans PULSE Research Project Findings #4: Gender Characteristics of Trans Ontarians

Trans PULSE 2011 , ,

Trans Women are Women Poster

2015 , , , ,

Trans Women; Trans Health Matters

Wells, Kerri & Ross, Michelle and Trans Women 2012 , ,

TRANSforming JUSTICE’s 1st report: Legal Problems Facing Trans People in Ontario | Problèmes juridiques rencontrés par les personnes trans en Ontario

HALCO in partnership with faculty from the University of Toronto, Western University, and Ryerson University 2018

Transforming Practice : Life Stories of Transgender Men that Change How Health Providers Work

Marcus Greatheart MSW, RSW, MD (Cand.) 2013-02-04 , , ,

Transgender Basics

Rosa Juel Nordentoft 2009

Transgender Experiences – Information and Support (in Russian)

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES), Bernard Reed MA, MBA, Terry Reed BA (Hons), MCSP, SRP, Grad Dip Phys, Kevan Wylie MB, MMedSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych, DSM, Zoe-Jayne Playdon BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, MEd, PhD, DBA, FRSA, Joyce Martin MB, ChB, D (Obst) RCOG 2009 ,

Transgender People & Relationship Abuse: Information and Resources

Safe Choices Program 2006 ,

Transgender People in Ontario, Canada: Statistics from the Trans PULSE Project to Inform Human Rights Policy


Transgender Primary Medical Care: Suggested Guidelines for Clinicians in BC

Jamie L. Feldman M.D., Ph.D., Joshua Goldberg 2006

Transgender Speech Feminization/Masculinization: Suggested Guidelines for BC Clinicians

Shelagh Davies M.Sc., S-L.P.(C), Joshua Goldberg 2006

Transition Options for Gender Independent Children and Adolescents

RHO 2013-07-05 , ,

Transition-Related Surgery (TRS)* Frequently Asked Questions

Developed by the Trans Health Expansion Partnership: Sherbourne Health, Rainbow Health Ontario, Women’s College Hospital, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. 2017

Transmen; Trans Health Matters

Bryn Musson , Ed Whelan 2012 , ,

TRS Surgical Summary Sheets | Résumé pour les professionnels de la santé

Sherbourne Health, Rainbow Health Ontario 2017-09-08

Two-Spirit and LGBTQ Indigenous Health

2016 , , ,

We’ve Got Work To Do: Workplace Discrimination and Employment Challenges for Trans People in Ontario

Trans Pulse 2011-05-30 , , ,

What Are Social Determinants of Health for LGBTTTIQ People?

Rainbow Health Network 2006 , , , ,

When Matt Became Jade: An Experience in Working with a Youth who Made a Gender Transition Change in a High School Environment

Dale R. Callender 2005 , ,

Whose Public Health? An Intersectional Approach to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Development of Public Health Goals for Canada

Beth Jackson Ph.D. 2006 , , , , ,