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The Service Provider Directory lists health and social service providers as well as programs that have expressed a commitment to providing competent and welcoming care to LGBT2SQ people in Ontario.

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If you are an LGBT2SQ-friendly health or social service provider in Ontario and/or your organization provides an LGBT2SQ-friendly program or service, we encourage you to list yourself or your organization in the Service Provider Directory.

Allisa Scott – Inclusive Counselling, Consulting & Training

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Organization Name: Allisa Scott – Inclusive Counselling, Consulting & Training
First Name: Allisa
Last Name: Scott
Credentials: H.B.A., M.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.
City: Waterloo and Wellington and Cambridge and Kitchener and Guelph
Service Description:

Inclusive Counselling, Consulting & Training is run by Allisa Scott, an accredited social worker, consultant & trainer that works primarily in Waterloo-Wellington areas. Allisa specializes in diversity, gender and sexuality, but can work with clients on all issues. Details of each of the three services are outlined on the website noted below. Please note that Allisa identifies in the community as well and uses the gender neutral pronouns singular they and Zhe.

Credentials: Honours Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Studies in Sexuality; Master of Sociology, specializing in Family Sex and Gender with a published thesis about fluid sexuality; Master of Social Work.

Treatment Approach: Allisa uses a strengths based, client centered approach with eclectic styles of therapy depending on what the client needs. More details are in the counseling section of the website.

Experience/Expertise with matters of Sexual Orientation: Allisa has been working in various LGBTQ communities across central and southwestern Ontario for 17 years. Aside from specializing in gender and sexuality in university for many years, Allisa has clinically worked with many sexual orientation areas including: coming out with family, friends, home and at work; internalized homophobia; identity and self esteem issues; social transitioning after coming out; grief, as well as partner and family related issues for the past few years now.

Experience/Expertise with Gender Identity or Expression: Allisa is able to write hormone and surgery assessment letters and discuss/assist with medical transitions, advocate with doctors and other medical/mental health professionals, assist clients with the coming out process, with relationships, family, as well as changing ID, and obtaining other supports as needed. Allisa has been working steadily as a gender therapist since 2011 with people who identify across the gender spectrum.


Language: English
Specialties: Counsellor, Social Worker
Services Provided:
Service Fees: Fee for service
Phone: 519 749 9505

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