Amelia Sloan Psychotherapy

I provide Relational Somatic (body-centered) psychotherapy and Sex Therapy to a diverse client population experiencing a wide range of life circumstances & difficulties. This includes, but it not limited to: anxiety, depression, numbness and sadness; Self-esteem & body image, emotional regulation/dysregulation, illness or medical diagnosis; Reconnecting with your body; Relationship problems and transitions, divorce/relationship endings; bereavement and grief. Exploring gender and/or sexual identity; sexuality and intimacy challenges; kink/BDSM, living with HIV/AIDS, coping with sexually transmitted infections and/or exploring diverse relationship models.

In relational therapy we unpack how repetitive beliefs & patterns show up in your relationship with yourself & others, paying close attention to the impact of your earliest relationships. We explore and make sense of your feelings, thoughts, experiences, needs & boundaries and create new patterns and ways of connecting with others, while developing a secure sense of self. This starts with the strong therapeutic relationship between you and I. Using somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness practices, we can additionally explore the ways your body & nervous system  participates in your emotional and mental health and wellbeing, holds memories & trauma & the sensations and feelings that accompany this. We can also increase your resources and tools to help restore balance to your life.

My practice is grounded in the frameworks of intersectional feminism, anti-oppression, anti-racism, social justice, queer theory & harm/risk reduction. I am sex & kink-positive, sex-work positive, class-conscious & anti-racist.