Bodé Spa And Electrolysis

156 Parliament Street, Toronto

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Bodé Spa is a queer-owned business that provides esthetic services in a private (one-on-one) setting. We are an inclusive space that accepts everyone, not just cis-gendered men. We have trans men, trans women, and non-binary/gender fluid clients who enjoy the private environment and the personable, educational services that we deliver.

The spa industry and the education therapists receive is almost entirely geared for women. For that reason, we have branded ourselves as a spa for men due to the specialized education we provide our therapists and the services that we offer to clients.

We provide electrolysis (permanent hair removal), which is a popular service for trans women and trans men interested in undergoing gender affirming surgeries. It is also popular in facial hair removal and removing any other unwanted body hair.

Besides electrolysis, we offer a variety of esthetic and relaxation services; facial skin care, therapeutic pedicures, body hair removal (waxing, shaving and clipping), massages, etc.

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