Center for Interpersonal Relationships

I offer individual short- and long-term therapy to adults with a range of presenting concerns. I have extensive clinical experience in working with individuals within the LGBT2QA community, including the assessment and treatment of gender dysphoria, as well as the intersection of mental health issues within LGBT2QA community. I am aware that psychological stressors and resulting difficulties are more prevalent within marginalized populations, including the LGBT2QA community, and thus, I have sought diverse training to meet the needs of my clients. As such, I have experience with the assessment and treatment of individuals with moderate distress as well as persistent, severe, and complex mental health concerns including trauma, anxiety, depression, psychosis, and personality disorders. While working together, I am aware of, and work directly on, systemic influences (i.e., oppression, racism, marginalization, and stigma) as well as the development of our personal identities, cultural and community connections, and resiliency.

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