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Thunder Bay

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CC SLP PC  is an all inclusive private practice that’s mission is committed to supporting underserved communities and clients, clients on waitlists and bridging gaps in services. We provide pediatric and adult services from ages birth to 99+.
We currently do not have a waitlist and are accepting new referrals.
From my knowledge, CC SLP PC is the only practice that supports and offers services and support for Transgender and Non-binary clients in Thunder Bay region and in Northwestern, Ontario.

The Speech-Language Pathologist’s (SLP) role:
SLPs specialize in providing gender affirming voice and communication training to help you find your own personal voice by addressing factors such as pitch and communication style. Additionally, we can help you maintain your vocal health and avoid injury as you develop your new voice, communication style and communication skills.

What is gender-affirming voice therapy? 

Sometimes a voice may not feel authentic to who you are. We can explore a variety of different voice characteristics including but not limited to:

  • pitch
  • resonance
  • intonation

Our goal is to help you find your authentic voice with the least amount of tension and effort so that it is sustainable. We are dedicated to a lifelong journey of cultural competency training to ensure that you feel safe and supported in your sessions and throughout your journey to find your voice.

What is it not?

We are not here to tell you what you should sound like. Instead, we will work together to find a voice that feels right for you, whether it be more feminine sounding and “light”, more masculine sounding and “dark”, androgynous or one that changes as you need it to. It is not a therapy that you are locked into, rather the opportunity to build a trusting relationship and support system that will work with you to give you the tools you need to be able to continue working on developing your authentic voice on your own.

Delivery of Services:

All of our gender affirming voice services are offered via virtual services so you can access our services & support in a safe and comfortable space of your choice.

Area of Support:

We provide support in Thunder Bay and area, as well as Northwestern, Ontario and across the entire province of Ontario.


CC SLP PC is a Jordan’s Principle (JP) provider and works with Indigenous children/youth’s families, organizations and other healthcare professionals to gather and submit applications for speech and language funding at no cost. We have a very good working relationship with JP and have not had an application refused. Voice services would be supported within JP funding if there is a need.
We also provide receipts of payments for healthcare benefit reimbursement and/or tax benefit applications. Many people have healthcare benefits and speech and language coverage to pursue support.
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As you know, our voice is one of the most important and unique characteristics that we have as individuals. Having our own unique and personal voice that we love and are comfortable with is paramount in truly feeling happy about who we are. Our services and support help our individual clients to learn and ‘find’ their true voice and self.
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CC SLP PC is a difference maker and we want to continue to support our clients to achieve their personal goals and live the life that they want and deserve!
We are excited to start our journey with you today!

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