Ezra Cake Psychotherapy

489 College Street, Toronto

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My job is to help you have a great life. Gender expansive, queer, kinky, in a non-traditional relationship, however you describe yourself – I’m here to support you.
I’m a trauma informed Registered Psychotherapist who supports non-traditional people in non-traditional relationships. Therapy with me rests on two core principles: a gentle, warm, collaborative therapeutic relationship and a scientifically based approach which supports you in achieving your goals.
I support people to create deep intimacy, the kind that feels rooted in trust, expansive with love, joyful, evolving and meaningful. I support people in navigating differences, expanding their sexual knowledge and creating sex worth wanting. I support people in having space to get comfortable in their own skin, heart and mind.
“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” (G. B. Shaw) Great lives and great relationships are made in an ongoing creative process. If you want to get curious and creative and see what might be possible for you or your relationship(s) email me from www.ezracake.com

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