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Many of us experience some form of emotional difficulty, stress, relationship issue, or conflict. Choosing a therapist who is right for you and has the expertise in the areas of concern to you and your family is crucial.

Our trained and experienced counsellors at The Counselling Group (TCG) provide confidential counselling to children, adolescents, and adults. We offer individual, couple, family, and group counselling tailored to support you in identifying and reaching your achievable goals.

Our counsellors are caring and empathetic, each one selected for their clinical excellence and dedication. Their work with clients from all orientations, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds, reflects The Counselling Group’s respect for difference and diversity.

Our counsellors utilize a variety of theoretical approaches in their work. They have a holistic, client-centred approach to counselling. All TCG counsellors are registered members of their professional associations and have Masters Degrees in counselling, social work, clinical psychology, or other related disciplines.

Every counsellor at TCG is committed to ongoing learning. This is demonstrated by their interest in new research and ongoing professional development, as well as their commitment to teaching and training graduate students and other professionals.

All services offered by counsellors at The Counselling Group are provided with strict respect for confidentiality. The privacy of clients is held in strict confidence, complying with privacy and other applicable legislation.