Kane Chamberlain Registered Psychotherapist

907 Catskill Drive, Oshawa

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Kane is Bear Clan of Algonquin/French descent from the Antoine First Nation, descendants of the historic Matawasi`bi ani`cena`bi (Mouth-of-the-River People). His Native name is Kiwedin-nimbi (Northern Thunder). He identifies as Two-Spirited. Traditionally, Two-Spirited people were seen to have special gifts and thus were healers, counsellors, and leaders of ceremony. Kane’s Native Elders honored him with an Eagle Feather in 1998 for leadership and one in 1990 for promoting healing.By providing a warm and trusting space for individuals to explore and express their problems, Kane facilitates emotional acceptance, self- knowledge, and growth. The process provides an opportunity for individuals to work towards meaningful and lasting change, fostering hope for the future

Kane is covered by NIHB for those with Indigenous Status and various health plans (please confirm with your health benefit provider that they cover “registered psychotherapists.”