Momenta Clinic

5100 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan

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Are you feeling stuck, anxious, stressed or sad? You don’t have to keep feeling this way, because therapy can help. We are a team of compassionate psychologists and therapists who are deeply invested in helping the patients we work with. We collaborate with you towards meaningful change and personal insight. Our process involves identifying the barriers that are getting in the way of your wellness and work with you to help you feel better, but also function better in your personal life, relationships, school or work life. We are professionals with diverse backgrounds and embrace diversity in all of its forms.
We specialize in providing evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders (social anxiety, panic and OCD), PTSD and depression. We often use cognitive behavioural therapy in our approach to therapy, but integrate other approaches as needed (such as DBT, ACT and Attachment). Our approach is always tailored to fit the individual, as needed.
Currently, we are offering virtual services only and are able to see anyone within Ontario.

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