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1304 , Dundas Street West, Toronto

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I am a student therapist offering lower fees as I complete the requirements for my Masters’s program. I am available online and in person from May 2022.

As a queer South Asian woman, I hope to provide mental health services to individuals from diverse communities, particularly those from cultures that do not have a keen awareness of mental health, such as my own. I make every effort to incorporate therapeutic techniques carefully drawn from various modalities while maintaining focus on the client’s issues.

My personal experiences and my work with people in similar situations influenced my decision to pursue a career in counselling. As an immigrant, I am aware of the complexities and challenges that a new country can present. I am mindful of the impact of acculturation on our beliefs, worldviews, and sense of self across generations.

I believe that no one is immune to life’s challenges and variabilities. Hopelessness, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions can become overwhelming, affecting our overall wellness, leaving us exhausted. I help my clients overcome these difficult emotions by providing a non-judgmental, affirming and safe environment that respects boundaries and offers the space they require for their healing process.



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