Stephen Buzzelli RP, ND

Toronto, On

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I am a dually registered healthcare provider, who uses psychotherapy and naturopathic medicine to address mental health concerns.

I identify as a gay cis-male who uses he / him pronouns.

I hope that I can empower you to chose me as one of your healthcare providers in your team to address your mental health concerns.
What characteristics does a person hope to stumble upon to begin to bare their soul to a stranger? I know that trust, consistency, humour, curiosity, certainty, empathy, knowledge, professionalism and security are key components that would make it easier for me to open up. However, how do those characteristics develop immediately when our choices for therapy depends on investment of time and potential financial constraint? I do not have the answer but you may find it will come with navigating the discomfort of uncertainty and trusting your intuition and self-confidence.
Just like you, I have had my own individualized emotional, spiritual, physical and existential struggles. No matter our age, education or experience there is a time when we need support from someone that we do not have strong ties to; someone that we can relate to, who is empathetic and understanding but also someone we respect on a professional level.
My counselling interests include anxiety, addictions, career guidance, chronic illness, depression, sexuality, self-image, grief, loss and bereavement, stress and life transitions, and behavioural / emotional issues due to anger, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, fear, pain, worthlessness and trauma. I also use naturopathic medicine for a full body approach.

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