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Smooth Transitionz is a program catered to providing pre- and post-surgical care for individuals who are undergoing/pursuing gender affirming surgery. Individuals who experience gender incongruence (GI) typically fall through cracks in the medical system when attempting to regain quality of life after surgery. Including massage therapy into the circle of care during this rehabilitation period decreases inflammation and swelling, decreases pain, increases range of motion, and improves scar mobility and aesthetics. Many individuals are living with the joy of finally having the gender affirming body they desire, however, are suffering with the unnecessary restrictions that exist with post-surgical trauma. Smooth Transitionz aims to bridge the gap from hospital to home and reduce/eliminate the discomforts and restrictions that are unique to this community. The high-quality and trauma informed services offered extend to all states of chest-specific concerns including: binding, top-surgery and breast augmentation. Compassionate pricing options available at Toronto Community Massage & Wellness! 

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