Today Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO), a program of Sherbourne Health, released our new website. In complement to our new online learning platform dedicated to training that we recently shared with you, the RHO website will continue to be your source for a wide range of LGBT2SQ health news, resources, research and listings relevant to service providers, researchers and community members in Ontario.

To reflect the current-day needs of our audiences, this new site and its many features were designed according to what we heard from you, our users, during our UX research project in early 2019. In addition to consistent visual and interaction design site-wide, this website now offers: 

  • “I AM A” curated landing pages that spotlight the most relevant content for each set of audience needs;
  • Location-based search in the Service Provider Directory, where service providers can now also indicate whether they offer transition-related surgery assessments and referrals, whether their offices have accessibility features and whether they have taken RHO training;
  • An enhanced Newsroom area to make it easier for us to share more information with you;
  • Custom-built advanced search across the site and within sub-areas;
  • A single login to access your service provider or health researcher profile, as well as to edit any resources or research you have submitted to the website;
  • A redesigned Resource Library with easier filtering and an option to select “RHO resources only”;
  • All the FAQs and their answers from RHO’s Trans Health Knowledge Base; and
  • Content feedback mechanisms site-wide.

The website was designed by Intent and built by Sandbox Software Solutions. We are eager for your feedback, which can be given through the banner at the top of the site or through the content rating system embedded in many of the site’s pages.


Colleen Westendorf
Pronouns: She/Her
T: 647.730.3368